The Republican Party elects presidentto Mike Johnson of Louisiana



Rep. Mike Johnson, R-Los Angeles, is sworn in as the new House speaker at the Capitol in Washington on Wednesday. Johnson, the 51-year-old, who was previously a junior member of the House Republican leadership team, emerged as the fourth Republican candidate. House of Representatives of United States: In a unified vote, the party ends its chaotic search for a new leader.


Mike Johnson of Louisiana

By Lisa Mascaro, Stephen Groves, Farnoush Amiri, and Kevin Freking.

Mike Johnson of Louisiana

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans elected on Wednesday unanimously to the representative Mike Johnson as Speaker of the House Representatives, eagerly elevating a leader deeply conservative but less known to the top position of American power and ending weeks of chaos for now mostly political.

Johnson, 51, of Louisiana, won in the first vote with the support of all the republicans eager to leave behind the last few weeks of tumult and continue with the task of governing. He quickly took oath to hold office, being the second in line of succession to the presidency.

Profile: New speaker is a prominent denier electoral and a staunch religious conservative.

By Annie Karni.

The New York Times.

Representative Mike Johnson, the little well-known Louisiana Republican elected speaker of the House on Wednesday, is both one of the main electoral deniers and servants in the chamber. Johnson, lawyer and former president of the conservative Study Committee Republican, played a fundamental role in the efforts of Congress to annul the elections of 2020. Evangelical Christian, he has been a staunch advocate for religious freedom and conservative values throughout his political career.

Throughout his time in Congress, Johnson has been a strong supporter of limited government, free-market principles, and constitutional rights. His conservative stance and unwavering commitment to traditional values have garnered him recognition and support from various conservative groups and organizations.

As Speaker of the House, Johnson aims to unite the Republican Party and work towards advancing conservative policies and priorities. He is determined to champion issues such as lower taxes, reducing government regulations, strengthening national security, and protecting the sanctity of life.

However, Johnson’s rise to the position of Speaker of the House is not without controversy. He has faced criticism for his involvement in challenging the outcome of the 2020 elections and his denial of the legitimacy of the results. Some argue that his actions undermine the democratic process and fuel misinformation.

Despite the differing opinions surrounding his political beliefs and actions, there is no denying that Mike Johnson’s ascent to the role of Speaker of the House marks a significant moment in American politics. His leadership will shape the legislative agenda and direction of the House of Representatives, influencing policy decisions and shaping the future of the nation. As the country faces numerous challenges and debates, Johnson’s role as Speaker will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the political landscape.

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