Shock UFO footage shows ‘spinning triangle with fiery thruster’ as ex-US intel officer says shape may be ‘alien’


LOCALS were left spooked after spotting a “spinning triangle with a fiery thruster” circling the skies in Cuba.

Shocking footage captured the moment the UFO flew over Cerro, Havana, while seemingly ablaze as residents watched on in fear.



The UFO appeared to be equipped with fiery rotating thrustersCredit: Jam Press Vid
It transformed into a fireball as it spun through the sky in Havana, Cuba


It transformed into a fireball as it spun through the sky in Havana, CubaCredit: Jam Press Vid

Even a former US intelligence officer has suggested the bizarre spectacle in broad daylight could potentially be an extraterrestrial.

Residents who recorded the extraordinary clip can be heard gasping in sheer disbelief as the mystery object hurtles through the sky.

It appears to have a fiery thruster on the back of it which burns at varying intensities.

Illuminated by the red-hot glow, the UFO seems to begin tumbling through the air uncontrollably after loitering for a few seconds.

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The blazing thruster then appears to transform into an unstoppable fireball as it continues to rotate.

But the apparent inferno then subsides, instead presenting itself as a spinning line of flames in the chilling video.

The shape of the UFO has even been compared to spaceship designs seen in the hit 1996 film Independence Day starring Will Smith.

The grainy footage was originally filmed by a gobsmacked local in 2019, but has since resurfaced on social media and has gone viral.

Cuban journalist Juan Manuel Cao, 62, shared his thoughts on the strange sighting on his AmericaTeVe Miami channel.

He told viewers: “It’s the closest thing to a flying saucer I’ve ever seen and it’s not a dot in the sky, it’s clearly visible.”

Cao invited ex-US Intelligence Officer, Colonel Octavio Pérez, to offer his expert opinion on the possible UFO.

He suggested that the unusual aircraft could be using an anti-gravitational system – a feat that has not yet been achieved by humans.

Pérez said the fiery “flying saucer” may actually be an extraterrestrial, or possibly a spy plane adapted from advanced alien technology.

One viewer said: “At first it looks blurry, but then the object becomes very clear. It is one of the best images I have ever seen.”

Another commented: “Those US military ships using alien technology are everywhere.”

The clip has also been applauded by bigwigs in the UFO community across the world.

Monterey UFOs wrote: “Amazing!”

Paranormal Tenerife added: “This is one of the clips that caught my attention the most. It has a different design to the typical.”

It comes as a string of former military officials shared bombshell details on a so-called UFO retrieval program that has allegedly been covered up by the US government.

Among the crowd of impassioned whistleblowers was David Grusch, who shared his testimony in front of the House Subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs.

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He told Congress that the government have a secret UFO scheme and claimed that they are in possession of “non-human” spacecraft and “dead pilots”.

Grusch is a former intelligence officer with top-secret clearance who claimed that the United States recovered non-human crafts and attempted to reverse-engineer them.

A former US intelligence offer suggested it could be an alien aircraft


A former US intelligence offer suggested it could be an alien aircraftCredit: Jam Press Vid

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