Man convicted of murder in fatal shooting of bystander at Long Beach taco truck in 2020


A 27-year-old Long Beach man was convicted by a jury on Friday, July 21, of shooting at a group of perceived gang rivals near a taco truck — killing a bystander and injuring a teenager in 2020. Long Beach taco truck

Deputy District Attorney Robert Song argued that Benson, along with his alleged co-conspirator, Jacquise Wright, 33, killed Martinez during a planned ambush meant to target rival gang members at a taco truck in the area of Anaheim Street and Magnolia Avenue.


In closing arguments Thursday, Song cast Benson as the aggressor, claiming he spoke with a group at the taco truck before pointing at gun at them and opening fire from inside the parking lot.

“He kicked it off.


He started the whole chain of events.”

Benson’s attorney, Theida Salazar, never denied that his client was in a gang, nor that he was at the taco truck that night.

“Who provoked who?

That’s gonna be for you to decide,” Salazar said, asking jurors to find Benson not guilty.

“Not only did they come back in two cars, they brought two guns,” Song said.

“We know that because both of them held onto their guns.”

“They had a plan, and the plan was obvious from the video.”

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