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Port of Long Beach

Long Beach Port – Unraveling the Heartbeat of Global Trade, this maritime powerhouse generates employment opportunities, supporting thousands of jobs in various sectors.

 Long Beach’s Maritime Connectivity,Covering over 3,200 acres of land and water, Long Beach Port houses multiple terminals catering to various cargo types.


With a plethora of modern terminals, Long Beach Port enables seamless handling of diverse cargo, including containerized goods, automobiles, liquid bulk, and dry bulk commodities.

Environmental Initiatives at Long Beach Port The Long Beach Port’s influence stretches far beyond its physical borders. As a thriving gateway for international commerce, it bolsters the economy and creates opportunities while actively pursuing sustainability initiatives.


It is home to modern container terminals, equipped with advanced technologies for swift and secure transfers. Shipment tracking is typically done through the specific shipping line or freight forwarder handling your cargo.

long beach port

Long Beach Port stands tall as a symbol of progress and connectivity, ensuring the smooth flow of goods and enriching lives across borders.


Where is the Port of Long Beach located?

The Port of Long Beach is located in Long Beach, California, USA. It is one of the busiest and most important ports in the United States.

What is the Port of Long Beach’s main function?

The Port of Long Beach is a major gateway for international trade, handling a wide range of goods, including containerized cargo, automobiles, liquid bulk, and dry bulk commodities.

How big is the Port of Long Beach?

The Port of Long Beach covers over 3,200 acres of land and water and has multiple terminals to handle different types of cargo.

What are the main facilities at the Port of Long Beach?

The port has several modern terminals, including container terminals, an automobile terminal, and terminals for handling bulk cargo and liquid bulk.

What is the economic impact of the Port of Long Beach?

The Port of Long Beach plays a crucial role in the economy of Southern California and the United States as a whole. It generates thousands of jobs and contributes significantly to regional and national GDP.

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