long beach farmers market


Long beach farmers market

the Long Beach Southeast Farmers Market is perfect if you’re looking for growers offering something special. The sight of stalls packed high with local produce, the smell of delicious fresh food and the sound of traders selling their wares – there is nothing quite like a farmers’ market. It takes place in the marina’s car park and has a great view of the quay. The favorites that we sell are the California loaf and cedar loaf,” Marken said. “Our baguettes are really popular and we’ve already sold out of our biscuits. We have a lot of popular items.

Shop tons of fresh fruits and veggies, homemade and artisan goods, unique handmade items, freshly cooked food from around the world, and more at amazing outdoor farmers markets across Long Beach.


As they take place nearly every day of the week in a variety of locations around the Long Beach area, it should be no problem picking the market for you.

Many local farms, such as Chavez Farms, annually participate in the market.


“The farm has spent many years doing this,” said Itzel Xuconoxtle, a salesperson for the farm. Their booth consisted mostly of vegetables and their organically grown strawberries.

“They don’t sell to grocery store chains. We only sell our produce at farmers markets,” Xuconoxle explained.

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