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long beach beach

Long Beach, city, port, Los Angeles county, California, U.S. Long Beach lies on San Pedro Bay, 22 miles (35 km) south of Los Angeles, and surrounds the independent city of Signal Hill. The area was originally a Native American trading camp. In 1542 Spanish explorer Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo anchored off the coast. The site became part of Rancho Nietos (1784), a Spanish land grant later divided; the portions later known as Los Alamitos and Los Cerritos made up most of what is now Long Beach. Laid out in 1880 by W.E. Willmore as Willmore City, the town was first settled in 1882. It was soon promoted as a seaside resort and was renamed (1888) for its 8.5-mile (13.5-km) beach.

Lifeguards on paddleboards flanked the inflatable water park, which is configured in a figure-eight shape to connect multiple floating play structures. The structures include a springboard, bouncer, monkey bars and a variety of diving boards, among other features. 


“This inflatable water playground is the second of its kind in the city, and it will help further activate our beaches,” Vice Mayor Rex Richardson said. “We know that when we activate our beaches and we activate our parks, we have safer and healthier parks.”

Long Beach, California, is virtually on everyone’s travel bucket list.


There are dozens of reasons to spend your weekend or short vacation in this gorgeous California coastal city. Like most popular tourist destinations, Long Beach has plenty of activities to enjoy without burning a hole in your pocket. You can soak under the sun, swim, or stroll through its lively neighborhood.

If you want a more curated itinerary, here are the free things to do in Long Beach, California.

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