long beach arena


Immersive Entertainment Experiences:

long beach arena

Beyond concerts and sports, the Long Beach Arena transforms into an immersive space for entertainment extravaganzas.


The arena hosts theatrical performances, circus shows, award ceremonies, and even popular TV broadcasts.

The vastness of the venue allows for creative productions that transport attendees to captivating worlds of wonder.

long beach arena

Is there parking available at the Long Beach Arena?

Yes, the arena provides ample parking facilities for attendees.

long beach ice arena

With its gleaming ice surfaces and vibrant atmosphere, this winter wonderland offers a delightful experience for all ages.

Get ready to lace up your skates and embark on a thrilling icy adventure!

Embracing the Wonders of Long Beach Ice Arena:

Long Beach Ice Arena is a beloved destination that beckons visitors with its captivating ambiance.

Skating Lessons – For beginners seeking guidance, the arena offers skating lessons led by experienced instructors to improve skills and confidence on the ice.
Public Skating Sessions – Join the fun during public skating sessions, where friends and families come together to create lasting memories on the ice.
Events and Programs: Ice Shows and Exhibitions – Long Beach Ice Arena hosts captivating ice shows and exhibitions featuring talented local skaters and renowned performers, providing an extraordinary visual spectacle for spectators.
Ice Hockey Tournaments – Sports enthusiasts can witness high-energy ice hockey tournaments, showcasing skillful players and thrilling competition on the ice.
Birthday Parties and Private Events – Celebrate special occasions with ice-skating birthday parties or host private events at the arena for a unique and unforgettable experience.


Long Beach Ice Arena is a captivating destination for ice skating enthusiasts, families, and friends seeking thrilling winter experiences.

Whether you’re twirling on the ice during public sessions, witnessing mesmerizing ice shows, or enjoying exhilarating ice hockey tournaments, the arena promises endless frosty delights.


Are there rental skates available at Long Beach Ice Arena?

Yes, the arena offers skate rentals for visitors who do not have their own skates. Enjoy the ice without worrying about equipment!

Can I bring my children for public skating sessions at the arena?

Absolutely! Long Beach Ice Arena welcomes skaters of all ages, making it a perfect destination for family outings and fun-filled afternoons.

Is prior ice skating experience necessary for attending public sessions?

Not at all! Public skating sessions cater to skaters of all levels, including beginners, providing a fantastic opportunity to learn and enjoy skating.

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