is long beach safe


is long beach safe ?

Let’s explore this coastal gem and address any safety concerns you may have.

Understanding Long Beach’s Safety Factors: Crime Rates – Analyzing recent crime statistics to gauge the city’s safety.


The city’s efforts in implementing community-based safety programs and maintaining visible security measures in popular spots contribute to a secure environment.

Naples Island – Known for its waterfront properties and safe, family-friendly environment.


Bixby Knolls – A charming district with a strong sense of community and safety measures.

is long beach safe.

bad areas of long beach

North Long Beach: Some parts of North Long Beach, especially around the Jordan Downs housing project, have higher crime rates.

It’s advisable to be cautious when visiting this area.

Central Long Beach: Certain areas in Central Long Beach, such as parts of the Washington neighborhood, have experienced higher crime rates in the past.

It’s recommended to take precautions if you find yourself in these areas.

crime map long beach

These platforms provide interactive maps that display crime data for different neighborhoods in Long Beach.

These resources often provide interactive crime maps and statistics based on publicly available data.

crime map long beach ca

Therefore, I cannot provide a live crime map for Long Beach, CA.

However, you can easily find crime maps for Long Beach, CA, by using online resources provided by local law enforcement agencies or community websites.

By searching for “Long Beach, CA crime map” on a search engine like Google, you can find various sources that offer crime mapping tools and statistics.

These platforms provide interactive maps that display crime data for different neighborhoods in Long Beach.

how safe is long beach california

Crime Mapping Websites: Several third-party websites provide interactive crime maps based on publicly available data.

Websites like or often offer crime maps for various cities, including Long Beach.

It’s essential to stay informed about safety measures, use common sense, and follow local guidelines to ensure a safe experience when visiting or residing in any area.


Is Long Beach a safe city to visit?

Long Beach is generally considered a safe city to visit, especially in well-visited areas and popular tourist spots. Like any city, it’s essential to exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings, especially in unfamiliar neighborhoods.

Are there safe neighborhoods in Long Beach?

Yes, Long Beach has several safe neighborhoods that are popular among residents and visitors. Neighborhoods like Belmont Shore, Naples Island, and Bixby Knolls are known for their safety and community-oriented environments.

What are the crime rates like in Long Beach?

Long Beach, like any major city, does have crime, but it’s essential to put it into perspective. Crime rates can vary by neighborhood, with some areas experiencing higher crime rates than others. Checking official crime statistics or using crime mapping tools can give a better understanding of the local crime trends.

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