Internet Can’t Get Over This Dog’s ‘Amazing Curly Hair’




It all started with an innocent question from Reddit user @Soggy-Cake-560 in the r/curlyhair subreddit: “Why does my dog have such amazing curly hair? It’s not fair.” And now, the internet is obsessed with an Irish water spaniel named Reggie.

Last week, the Redditor publicly marveled over his pooch’s gorgeous tresses, sharing a handful of photos for reference. Before you ask, yes, that is Reggie’s real hair. (Just look at those curls!)

Reggie the Irish water spaniel<p>&commat;Soggy-Cake-560&sol;Reddit</p>
Reggie the Irish water spaniel


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The comments certainly didn’t disappoint. Many were perturbed by how human-like Reggie’s hair seems.

One person wrote, “Wtf😭 I’m so confused, is that a wig?”

Meanwhile, another user declared, “I refuse to believe this isn’t photoshop or AI or a wig glued to a dog’s head bc wtf.”

Someone else wrote, “Why does your dog have a human hairline i- 😭.”

Yet another person wondered, “Did a kid with curly hair happen to dissapear [sic] in your neighborhood?”

Another Redditor joked, “I think your dog sold me weed last week.”

Reggie the dog<p>&commat;Soggy-Cake-560&sol;Reddit</p>
Reggie the dog


Plenty of others in the r/curlyhair subreddit were straight-up envious of Reggie’s tresses.

One Redditor (correctly) declared, “Tis a glorious mane of majesty.”

Another wondered, “We need to know Reggie’s routine,” to which the OP replied, “He gets out of bed and that’s it. His curly locks are always perfect.”

Yet another lamented, “I work up a literal sweat trying to squish, scrunch, sprunch, pray, plop, pin, finger coil, flip, and diffuse my curls into submission… 😮‍💨 Meanwhile, Reggie’s over here all, ‘I woke up like this.'”

Someone else wrote, “I’m showing this to my stylist for my next haircut.”

Reggie sitting like a good boy<p>&commat;Soggy-Cake-560&sol;Reddit</p>
Reggie sitting like a good boy


The comments were also sprinkled with fitting pop culture references.

A Harry Potter fan asked, “Why does his hair look like Gary Oldman as Sirius in The Order of the Phoenix💀.”

Another Redditor hinted that Reggie was perhaps giving off Justin Timberlake vibes, writing, “I feel like this guy stepped right out of a 90s boy band.”

A third pointed out, “Bro came straight outta the Lord of the Rings.”

Someone else wrote, “OP I am cracking up over this, he seriously looks like a fourth Hanson. He’s absolutely gorgeous, I love it.”

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For those wondering if Reggie’s personality matches his glorious hair, it would seem so.

“He always look exceptional,” the OP shared in the comments. “Reggie is a woman magnet and I’m not even joking. Everyone wants to pet Reg. It also helps that’s he’s the a big derp who loves affection.”

Good boy, Reggie!

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