I gave up my job & moved to picturesque private island to live all alone – but now I’m being kicked off & it’s so unfair


A MAN known as Italy’s Robinson Crusoe is set to leave an island 32 years after he washed up there.

Mauro Morandi, 81, settled on the island of Budelli in 1989 after his catamaran broke down.


I gave up my job & moved.

Mauro Morandi  81 moved to Budelli off northern Sardinia in 1989



Mauro Morandi 81 moved to Budelli off northern Sardinia in 1989Credit: Mauro Morandi
After 32 years Mr Morandi looks set to move on from the island


After 32 years Mr Morandi looks set to move on from the islandCredit: Mauro Morandi

But now Mr Morandi, after all these years, looks set to finally move on following pressure from the authorities.

“I will leave hoping that in the future Budelli will be protected as I have protected it for 32 years,” he wrote on Facebook on Sunday.

After he washed up on the island off northern Sardinia Mr Morandi learned that the caretaker was retiring from his post, so he sold his catamaran and took on the role.

He soon became known as Italy’s answer to Robinson Crusoe. But over the last decade he faced pressure from park authorities to move on.

In 2020 the president of La Maddalena’s National Park, Fabrizio Fonnesu, told CNN that Mr Morandi had carried out illegal alterations to his hut.

In the past the Italian has described himself as a “bit of a rebel.”

Despite a petition calling on the authorities to allow him to stay, it now appears that Mr Morandi is set to move on.

Speaking to The Guardian he said that he planned to relocate to the nearby island of La Maddalena. He added: “My life won’t change too much, I’ll still see the sea.”

Budelli forms part of Maddalena Archipelago National Park and is associated with its pink coloured beach.

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The island is known for its stunning beauty


The island is known for its stunning beautyCredit: Alamy

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