Exploring long branch beach parking


Exploring Long Branch Beach Parking

Here are the top options: Public Beach Parking Lots: Long Branch boasts several public parking lots near the beach.

long branch beach parking

long branch beach parking

They tend to fill up quickly during peak times, so arriving early is advised.


Street Parking: Limited street parking is available on certain roads surrounding the beach.

Private Parking Garages: For those who prefer guaranteed parking, private parking garages close to the beach are a viable option.


Arrive Early: Securing a good parking spot is easier when you arrive early in the day.

Car Pooling: If possible, carpool with friends or family to share parking costs and reduce the environmental impact.

Long Branch Beach Parking: A Stress-Free Start

Arriving at Long Branch Beach with ease sets the tone for a fantastic day ahead.

Here are some convenient parking options: Public Parking Lots: Long Branch Beach provides multiple public parking lots along Ocean Avenue, ensuring you’re never too far from the shoreline.

Early birds tend to snag these spots, so consider arriving in the morning to secure your place.

Metered Street Parking: If you’re lucky, you might find metered street parking near the beach entrance.

Remember to bring enough change for the meters and keep an eye on the time to avoid any fines.

Parking Permits: Long Branch offers seasonal parking permits for frequent visitors, providing cost-effective and hassle-free access to the beach throughout the summer.

Pro Tip: Plan your arrival early to beat the crowds and secure your preferred parking spot.

Maximizing Your Long Branch Beach Experience

long branch beach parking

Use Parking Apps: There are various smartphone apps that can help you locate available parking spaces in real-time.

Consider Off-Peak Hours: If your schedule allows, consider visiting the beach during off-peak hours to increase your chances of finding parking.

Here’s how to make the most of your time at Long Branch Beach: Beach Essentials: Don’t forget your sunscreen, beach towels, umbrellas, and a cooler with refreshing drinks and snacks.

Water Activities: Long Branch Beach is perfect for swimming, paddleboarding, and even surfing.

Rent equipment nearby if you’re up for an aquatic adventure.

Strolling the Boardwalk: Take a leisurely stroll on the iconic Long Branch boardwalk.

long branch beach parking

FAQs about Long Branch Beach Parking

Are there free parking options near Long Branch Beach?

While some street parking might be available for free, most convenient parking options have associated fees.

How much should I expect to pay for beach parking?

Parking fees can vary.
Public lots might charge hourly rates, while private garages could have different pricing structures.
It’s best to check ahead of time.

Are there any parking alternatives for people with disabilities?

Yes, Long Branch provides designated accessible parking spaces near the beach entrances.

Can I reserve a parking spot in advance?

Some private parking garages allow online reservations, offering you a guaranteed spot during peak times.


Whether you opt for the convenience of private parking or the hunt for a street spot, early planning and a flexible approach will ensure a fantastic beach day. Remember, while the tides may change, your well-prepared beach day will remain a cherished memory.

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