City secures $6.5M for MLK Park improvements


City secures $6.5M for MLK Park improvements

The city has tentatively secured $6.5 million in funding for long-awaited improvements at Martin Luther King, Jr. park, but work will likely take years to fully complete, officials said at a recent community meeting.


The final project will include repairs to the MLK Jr. Park swimming pool, restrooms and the community center.

The city recently held the final community input workshop at the MLK Jr. Community Center, where residents could weigh in on aspects of the renovation like having one or two basketball courts, a bigger playground or more picnic seating, various trail and walkway designs, and whether they wanted to keep the fence up around the park perimeter.


 “When I’m looking at recreation, I look at it from a holistic and wellness standpoint as well,” she said.

Over a two-hour workshop that involved a board game simulation of Martin Luther King Jr. Park, teams of 10 at two tables deliberated on locations for new walkways, a basketball court, restrooms and overall TLC for the park using a faux pool of funding. Photo by Kat Schuster.

Residents near the park in Central Long Beach have long said the city has left the park to languish.

The pair secured a $120,000 grant from the Resource Legacy Fund last year to create the vision plan.


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