What’s all that noise? Long Beach Airport says to plan for more loud military aircraft this weekend


Long Beach Airport says to plan.

Residents all over Long Beach were rattled on Friday night by the thunderous sounds of a military training flyover, and according to Long Beach Airport, more low-flying military aircraft are expected this weekend.


Four F/A-18 jets were scheduled to arrive at LBG as part of training operations Friday through Sunday. The aircraft are scheduled to depart on Sunday morning.

“Due to the unique nature of the mission, military aircraft are exempt from noise regulations, but they will be using noise abatement procedures in the Long Beach area,” airport officials tweeted.


Redditers commented on the noisy and low flyover around 9 p.m. on Friday evening.

“I live near the airport and hear planes all that time but that was ridiculously loud. Scared the [expletive] outta me,” one user commented.

Another said: “they are looking for aliens.”

The airport did not specify times for Saturday and Sunday’s training operations.

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