30 Best Pumpkin Faces To Carve for Halloween and Add Some Spooky Fun to Your Decor


Pumpkins with unique faces on a front porch


The end of October is officially here, and that means it’s time to decorate pumpkins! Jack-o’-lanterns were traditionally carved as a way to ward off evil spirits, much the same way that wearing a mask was thought to do so. In more modern times, however, it’s more of a fun Halloween tradition that’s passed down through the generations. 

One of the best things about drawing on, embellishing or carving pumpkins is the fact that you can make it anything you want! Whether you prefer the more traditional pumpkin faces of triangle eyes and nose with a crooked grin or a more elaborate design that requires stencils and plenty of patience, we have 30 creative pumpkin facial expressions to inspire you!  

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30 Best Pumpkin Faces

1. This spooky grin with sharp teeth and X’s for eyes is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

Spooky grin jack-o'-lantern <p>Ananda - A Piece of Rainbow</p>
Spooky grin jack-o’-lantern

Ananda – A Piece of Rainbow

2. Add a bit of pretty to your spooky pumpkin carving with these roses surrounding a skull from kutnohorsko_in_macrophoto!

Skull and roses <em>jack-o'-lantern </em><p>Kutná Hora</p>
Skull and roses jack-o’-lantern

Kutná Hora

3. How cute is this pumpkin by brittanypohl_?? We have heart eyes just thinking about carving it.

Heart eyes <em>jack-o'-lantern </em><p>Brittany Pohl </p>
Heart eyes jack-o’-lantern

Brittany Pohl

4. Utilize the inside of the pumpkin to show off a devilish grin just like asaki_ichi did.

Devilish grin <em>jack-o'-lantern </em><p>asakioda</p>
Devilish grin jack-o’-lantern


5. This creepy-eyed jack-o’-lantern from sofieessayh is the perfect simple yet effective decor for Halloween.

Creepy eyes <em>jack-o'-lantern </em><p>Sofie Essayh</p>
Creepy eyes jack-o’-lantern

Sofie Essayh

6. This spooky family of jack-o’-lanterns from kandi_atchley is a wonderful display of diversity in styles to choose from for carving your own pumpkin this year!

Spooky family of <em>jack-o'-lanterns </em><p>Kandi Currier-Atchley</p>
Spooky family of jack-o’-lanterns

Kandi Currier-Atchley

7. This set of expressive faces from bhmslucerne would be a great addition to any spooky walkway!

Expressive <em>jack-o'-lanterns </em><p>BHMS Luzern Business and Management School</p>
Expressive jack-o’-lanterns

BHMS Luzern Business and Management School

8. Another set of slightly more scary pumpkin faces from susannah_gai bares some pretty impressive teeth!

Biting <em>jack-o'-lanterns</em><p>Susannah Gai</p>
Biting jack-o’-lanterns

Susannah Gai

9. Show off your favorite DC hero this year by carving the likeness of Batman like this one from alethalweaponart!

Batman <em>jack-o'-lantern</em><p>Alethalweaponart</p>
Batman jack-o’-lantern


10. Not only does this face resemble Jack Skellington, they’ve cleverly stacked pumpkins together to show off a skeletal body!

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11. The cutest couple of a slightly more modern take on the traditional jack-o’-lantern by evilvines should definitely be on your list to carve!

Cute couple of <em>jack-o'-lanterns</em><p>Evil Vines Cemetery</p>
Cute couple of jack-o’-lanterns

Evil Vines Cemetery

12. Show off your “trick” side with this winking jack-o’-lantern!

13. BIG eyes and a lil’ mouth make for one rather adorable pumpkin!

14. While Halloween and Día de los Muertos are different celebrations, consider adding a sugar skull pumpkin this year like this intricate work of art!

Sugar skull <em>jack-o'-lantern</em><p>Ananda - A Piece of Rainbow</p>
Sugar skull jack-o’-lantern

Ananda – A Piece of Rainbow

15. A great example of all the Halloween things from steveisaacs has us wanting to carve so many pumpkins!

Group of <em>jack-o'-lanterns</em><p>Steve Isaacs</p>
Group of jack-o’-lanterns

Steve Isaacs

16. Those TEETH though! How clever in using potatoes for those great spiky chompers!

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17. What’s scarier than being eaten? With the help of this tutorial, you can have an equally creepy pumpkin this Halloween.

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18. The black painting of this pumpkin is genius! It really makes the classic face pop.

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19. While we know that not everyone has access to this massive of a pumpkin, this idea could be made in miniature as well! The sheer size of this jack-o’-lantern makes it all the more awe-inspiring.

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20. Another potato-tooth example also gives some creepy eyes!

21. Combine painting and carving to create an even more dynamic effect!

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22. Make Halloween a hoot by adding a family of owls to your pumpkin collection.

Owl family <em>jack-o'-lanterns</em><p>Ananda - A Piece of Rainbow</p>
Owl family jack-o’-lanterns

Ananda – A Piece of Rainbow

23. Step that owl game up a notch with this beautiful rendition!

Detailed owl <em>jack-o'-lantern</em><p>Ananda - A Piece of Rainbow</p>
Detailed owl jack-o’-lantern

Ananda – A Piece of Rainbow

24. Who knew that wearing your carved jack-o’-lantern could look so menacing? thiscozyautumn, that’s who! Create your own scary headpiece this year.

Menacing grin <em>jack-o'-lantern</em><p>Eleonora Viganò</p>
Menacing grin jack-o’-lantern

Eleonora Viganò

25. This creepy jack-o’-lantern from toddm007 is made all the more gruesome looking with those warts! Keep this in mind when picking out your carving pumpkin this year, they don’t have to be perfect!

Wart filled <em>jack-o'-lantern</em><p>Todd's Kitchen</p>
Wart filled jack-o’-lantern

Todd’s Kitchen

26. Ok, this isn’t quite carving… but it is artistic! AND you get to keep it for years to come!

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27. We aren’t sure if the outcome of this is more cute… or creepy, but we like it!

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28. These turned out so well! What other clever ways can you come up with to reuse the stem?

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29. No carving required for a cute look like this one!

Funny pumpkin face<p>iStock</p>

30. Three great examples on one front porch.

Pumpkins with unique faces on a front porch<p>iStock</p>
Pumpkins with unique faces on a front porch


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